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Thursday, September 2, 2010

First Prenatal Visit: there is a heartbeat!

I like the midwife office I picked more and more. They are so low-key and relaxed. I was NOT relaxed on account of being late.

The Hottest Computer Scientist in the Universe came to the appointment. He acted totally disinterested at first, but he also liked the midwife so once she came in he was friendlier. He was also so cute, reading all the materials we were given by the nurses.

She felt up my uterus and my boobs, but then the fun part (that wasn't fun? No, no it wasn't, thanks though) was hearing the baby on the doppler.

I learned there is lots of static in my abdomen! And there is also a mouse. The midwife said the heartbeat was at 160-170 beats per minute. If I was more on the ball, I would have thought of a piece with that beat and tried it out to see if it fit - have a gauge for myself. :) Tip for you when it is your turn. :)

It kinda freaked me out. It was the proof that yes, there is something in there. Woah.

Afterwards we talked about it together. THCSITU had some interesting observations: that little click-click-click (seriously sounded like a metronome over the doppler) already started a few weeks ago and will keep going for possibly 90 years! Holy smoke.

Then it occurred to me that with a heartbeat so very fast, that tiny tiny heart will beat more times inside of me than it will for the first couple of years outside! That's kind of weird.

Another question we had, is it already four chambers and compressing like our hearts? Or is it a little mass of cells pulsating rhythmically but otherwise unrecognizably? I looked it up since to find out.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

No room here.

I was late. I tried grabbing a cab, but the one I stopped was on the way to a pickup. So I booked it the mile+ from the train up to the midwife office, plus having to detour to not be spotted by family en route. About five minutes before the end of the journey, I saw another cab. Huzzah! I would just make it in time!

He refused me a ride. That totally pissed me off, especially because it was on the grounds that my destination was no within walkable distance. "It's just, like, 3-4 blocks!" he says.

I KNOW where I am going. I happen to be late. Can I pay you to drive me a quarter freaking mile, please? Since that is your profession??

Also I moved many boxes and some mattresses the day before. Uterus kicked in with a vengeance afterwards, and all that hustling across town 24 hrs later made me feel all tender over there.

But whatev, cabbie. It's cool. Sorry I offered to pay you for 3 minutes of your time.

You are what you eat

I got this today via email:

10 PreNatal Power Foods from 100 Healthiest Foods to Eat during Pregnancy

Does Chipotle count?