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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Again with the braiiiiiins

Well, the Guajolotita #1 was overtired and semi-hysterical by bedtime tonight. I think she needs 2 naps per day right now again. Perhaps she's growing a lot right now? She had 2 naps per day all weekend and tonight was really hard for her.

Anyhow I passed out after she was finally asleep at 10pm, and woke up when THCSITU was getting ready for bed at 12:30. I was SO HUNGRY and tried to sleep, nothing sounded good, blah. Then I remembered I have a ton of waffles from the last two weekends!

So I got up and have eaten a 4 quarters of waffle, had two cups of milk, written a couple of posts, read some articles... and kid will be up in 2.5 hrs so I better go back to bed!

Guajolote #2 purchases!

Well, I did order a few announcements to mail out to close family after all. They are the same alien/UFO-themed ones as last time, but I added a little alien to represent the Guajolotita #1, and of course the Guajolote #2's ultrasound image.

However I only ordered 15. Last time I think I ordered 30 or more??

Also, I ordered a shirt that says Only Child Big Sister. I'm figuring we'll put that on the kiddo when we tell my dad and my suegra, and thereafter she can just wear it as one of her everyday shirts.

Also, I bought some Old Navy end-of-season sale maternity stuff, and that came today too. I was pregnant at the same time -2 weeks last time, so I have pretty much everything I need for my size x the seasons here, except we will be going to visit family in warm weather when I am about 6 months pregnant. I don't have anything sleeveless, or a bathing suit, etc. for a body that size and shape! So for $35 I got a 2 piece bathing suit, 2 sleeveless shirts, a sleeveless long tunic, and one more long sleeve maternity nursing shirt.

I figure I can wear the tunic over long sleeve stuff once we are home from our trip too - last time an inch or so of my belly would peek out underneath as I guess I got too big for my maternity/nursing long sleeve shirts so that tunic might be my every day coverup. The Guajolotita #1 came at 38 weeks, 4 days. But since we won't (shouldn't) be moving when I will be 37 weeks and 6 days pregnant this time, it's possible this Guajolote #2 could stay inside longer. More days of even bigger belly to attempt to cover! :)