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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Brought to you by....

Very good friends gave us a Melissa&Doug talking alphabet puzzle for the Guajolotita#1's birthday. We didn't open it for her at the time, as she still put EVERYTHING in her mouth. Recently the babysitter must have, because it came crashing down on my head in pieces when I was trying to reach something else in her closet.

So I am hauling everything out of the closet to try and find the letters, while the kiddo is putting the "puzzle" together. It's just one of those where each letter has its slot, they don't actually interlock or anything like an actual puzzle. And it doesn't talk yet as it has no batteries.

Anyway, of course I can't find them all. But l made good progress. I called out to THCSITU, "We're just missing N!"

He says, "I know where it is. Check the TV."

I said, "No, I found G above the TV, there aren't any more."

He says, "I mean on Sesame Street. I'm pretty sure I've seen it there."

Har har!!

(Which, also, he actually hasn't because we've never turned on Sesame Street or any other kids programming.)

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Guajolotita #1 general update at 17 months


The Guajolotita#1 still cries for "pecho" every morning when she wakes up. Sometimes other times too. I have become more hard-core about denying her the boob. Per a friend's excellent suggestion, we offer her a bottle of water for middle of the night or otherwise early wakeups. Right now, she's downing 20 oz of water overnight. The idea was that water would not be enough to wake up for, so she'd start to sleep through instead. Hasn't quite worked out that way.

Abuela took away her bottles cold turkey two weeks ago. That was a really rough 5 days or so. That first night, THCSITU and I were arguing about it as he had the bottle in his hand in front of her while holding her - then set it on the counter and handed her to me. Oh, the outrage! That was the last night she got the boob, I think. Now, she drinks milk out of a straw cup with no problem (or objection - there was some objecting for a bit over a week). She drinks water from any sort of vessel, straw cup, steel bottle, open cup, cups with handles, whatever. She'd drink milk from other cups too, but there is usually a bit of spillage and that gets sticky with milk. And, of course, her overnight water bottles. We wanted to wean her from the bottle, and otherwise she is, but as a kid very prone to constipation, being well-hydrated is important. So I won't fight about that one anymore right now.


The number of new words, in English and Spanish, each day is amazing. I can't count them. Today one was "panqueque". Two weeks ago she finally learned to say "camión" which made her SO happy. She LOVES buses, I mean loves them, so she pretty much repeated "camión" from waking up till going to sleep for a few days. Interestingly, she's stopped saying "avión" correctly and has generalized to "amión". She also stopped saying "pan" and changed it to "pam".

THCSITU noticed that she's more conversational. Since she has 2 and 3 words sentences now and enough vocabulary, you can talk about things with her. It's noun-verb, with the inclusion of one or more of these to make a 3-word phrase: "no", "aqui", "más".

Also in the last two weeks, she's started saying "Sh!" to situations she deems need quiet. "Papi's sleeping," I tell her when she tries to go into our room after she wakes up. "Sh!" she says, with her finger to her lips. The babysitter said that she woke up during her nap this week, and she asked her if she needed to potty before going back to sleep. The Guajolotita looked up, said, "Sh!" with her finger to her lips, and then conked out in her arms again.

Another cute recent gesture is the finger wag for things that are "no". Especially in the book mentioned below, Joshua initially has an accident. There's poop and pee on the floor. She looks at you very seriously and wags her finger back and for at Joshua. "Eso no se hace" is the phrase we use to describe such things, which now elicits a the little finger motion - and just today she says it, as well: "no se hace."

Potty training

Last week was nearly accident-free. I know she had four consecutive days without accidents. In the last week or two, her Abuela has gotten her to love "Juja" (Joshua) in Once Upon a Potty. I got it, along with the much more entertaining Everyone Poops, to help her cousin potty train. This morning, however, she was demanding I read "Juja" to her while also demanding one of her tunes. As I looked up the song to play while we would then read, she peed all over the floor. We have had more accidents than successes this morning, I think in part because of the 20oz of water she drank between 3-7am. She's got the urge more frequently than she or I can predict. It seems that, while she rarely warns that she needs to potty, her interest in Juja may correlate. For now, we've got a bit of a rule that we read "Joshua" only while she's on the toilet. At least that gets her sitting there pretty darn frequently.

Pooping in the toilet is now finally an every day occurrence. This is in part because we did change from whole milk to 2%, I think. And Joshua sure helps.


We're at the same place sleepwise as we have been since she moved to a floor bed in mid-July. She goes down easier and easier - THCSITU puts her to sleep, to avoid the crying for the boob, and sleeps till 4:30-6 or so, about 4 nights a week. Then she gets her bottle of water, some time on the boob maybe, and usually sleeps again for an hour or so. The other 3 nights a week she wakes up twice, sometime between 1am-2:30. Recently THCSITU started going to her at that time, which is a huge relief for me.