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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

El guajolote

We sometimes refer to Kid 2 with a typical diminutive of his name (ending in "-ito") but more often make a silly version ending with "-azo" or "-ote" which implies bigness. This kid is big. He's wearing mostly 9 month size clothes at 2 months. At his two month checkup today he was off the charts for height and weight. He's my Ferdinand the Bull - sweet, loveable, and massive. He can hoist his entire upper body up with his arms during his tummy time (that's of his nearly 17lb body, mind you). He usually suffers his sister's love - administered in smacks to the face, suffocating kisses, and thrown objects ("Estoy compartiendo!") - with little complaint. His baby smiles are a huge open mouth, a soundless belly laugh.

I'm so in love. I spend all day kissing his squishy cheeks and snuggling him. Well, that time that I'm not fending off Kid 1, or stuffing him into the Ergo so that I can accomplish something despite my two lovely assistants, or studiously setting him down to sleep so I don't screw up his sleeping patterns like I did Kid 1. So, like maybe an hour a day? Sigh, second child syndrome. Poor kid.

Bears run the internet

The Guajolotita was on the computer today - punching the keyboard and clicking around with the mouse to entertain herself - and she started explaining something to me about "las osas" and "internet". I kept thinking she was bastardizing an English word or I was otherwise hearing her wrong. Recounting to THCSITU tonight to see if he knew what she was talking about, I realized: she likes the Charmin commercial that has been coming up before the version of El son de La Negra that she usually watches.