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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Words and Phrases at 14 months

I found this draft, she's 16 months today so I'll back date this to 14 months per the title. I probably never published it because it didn't feel complete - which it can never be because every hour it's at least one new word!

She still says all of these at 16 months, though her pronunciation is more refined and "carro" "conejo" and "calle" are all different (of those three, only "calle" would be recognizable to a stranger).

Ba-ba! (Bye-Bye!)

Che-Che (leche) (milk)
Gol! (pelota) (ball)
La-la (Abuela)
Ca: Caballo, Calle, Camara, Carro, Camion, etc...
Ahi esta! (There it is!)

Imitative sounds:
Guau-guau (Perro)
Mraow (Gato/cat)
Meeeeeh (Vaca, although this is the sound a sheep makes)
*tongue clicks* (horse)
Choo-Choo (for trains or cars or any vehicle)