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Monday, May 21, 2012


The Guajolotita looooooves berries. Especially strawberries. Last year I got some strawberry plants and put them in pots amongst our thicket of mint. (That mint is going to become sentient in a year or two. It's insane.) In the postpartum, back-to-work, unpacking-from-having-just-moved-5-days-before-giving-birth disorganization I created/lived in I DID manage to keep them alive. However, lots of flowers shriveled from lack of watering on hot days and many berries rotted forgotten on the plant.

This year they came up in and all around their pots. After I noticed the plants flower ing from the living room window, I went out and watered them once or twice. Then a few weeks ago I saw the proto-strawberries!

Kiddo pulled the first ripe one off Friday night, and almost every day since. It's so fun to watch her jam the fruit into her mouth and start signing "more" before the juice has even begun to drip off her chin.

(Well, she always does that with berries, even sitting at the table - but it's especially sweet outdoors with home grown ones!)