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Thursday, January 6, 2011

6th Prenatal Visit

Heartbeat (baby): 128-131 bpm
Weight (me): 158

Good news: the Guajolote has flipped! The midwife did this craaaazy thing where she manipulated my uterus - she pushed back and forth and sort of passed the baby to herself to identify which part she was feeling. That was pretty far out, I had her show me and that was nuts. I made The Hottest Computer Scientist in the Universe get up and she showed him too - it sort of gave him the willies. Like we shouldn't be disturbing the little guy* in there. I see his point but man this kid is disturbing me PLENTY now. :-P

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Midnight (ok, 4am) snack

Sigh. We had fun sex again tonight, but I fell asleep afterwards. The Hottest Computer Scientist in the Universe had to work at midnight (logging in from home) and came to bed at 3:30. But the readjusting in bed woke me up enough I noticed I was hungry and here I am catching up on this blog instead of sleeping. I polished off the Cheerios though so now I will head back for a couple more hours.


10 Facts About Your Pelvic Floor

What you should know before giving birth

Argh I better get on that. Don't want to be peeing myself from the age of 30 - I was hoping to save that till my 80s.

3rd Ultrasound

We went in and had the same ultrasound tech at the ultrasound place. It's in a swank building where the elevators are coded - the same elevator doesn't always go to the same floor! You have to check a console and then it tells you which next elevator will take you to the floor you want - there are no buttons inside (probably Emergency, but that's it).

Anyhow this was much shorter, she took some basic measurements of the femur and skull and then got to trying to get a shot of the major arteries. In the end, she ended up calling another ultrasound lady to take the image instead. That woman took the ultrasound wand and stuck it clear on my left side, outside the uterus, and dug in. Not comfortable! But effective I guess: they were both satisfied with that picture.

We felt a little better afterwards because it seemed the lady just had a hard time getting the image right - so perhaps there's no actual problem with the aorta & whatever else is a major artery. We'll find out next week at our next midwife appointment.

It was mostly fun. This kid is still breech (head up, not down) and was in fact "frank breech" which means butt down. He* was folded right in half: his feet were in front of his little face! The Hottest Computer Scientist in the Universe thought that it couldn't be a comfortable position - I'd seen it illustrated in books so I wasn't surprised but when he pointed that out I started to sympathize. We don't fold babies in half after they come out so why would it be good a couple months earlier? On the other hand, you aren't supposed to fully submerge them in fluid after they exit, either...

Guajolote, 27 weeks 1 day:
To the left is the head, the two ovals at the top center are feet, and I think the squiggly line trailing off to the right is the umbilical chord.
Don't be alarmed by the bullet holes - those are internal organs.