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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Ch ch ch ch changes!

Tonight a habitually confused grad student at work was hosting an event. As he came in to check with me about something, I happened to be standing as I took care of something else. After a question or two, he paused, and pointed, and asked:
"Are you expecting some changes?"
It was such a cute and funny way to ask! I laughed and said yes. He looked genuinely delighted for me and offered many congratulations. A few minutes later he popped in to ask if I'd like to partake of their Christmas goodies at the event - I said thanks and maybe at the end. That wasn't good enough - he came right back with an assortment on a plate for me.

Very sweet. :)

Tuesday, November 30, 2010


"Can you feel the baby move?" everyone wants to know.

"Yes, constantly," is the answer.

It's a nice question, and a nice answer to have. The motions are less "cute" (or "wonderful fluttering") than they were before. Sometimes they make me wince - it's not exactly pain (yet), but the Guajolote is rubbing up against muscles or internal organs of mine or something that just make me feel Ooof! for a second. Some nights I am really beat, more tired than usual. On the other nights, where I am just normally-tired or not sleepy yet, the movement will keep me awake.

I am a little disappointed that THCSITU has not really felt the baby move yet. I think it freaks him out a little bit. Since the ultrasound, he doesn't touch me as readily in general.

Whenever I am still - reading, or at the computer, the Guajolote will start moving around and if the motions are strong I yell "Hey!! C'mere!!" and he dutifully trots over. But, invariably, my shifting position for his hand or just having yelled quiets the kid (I should be so lucky!) and there's nothing strong enough to feel on the outside.

Oh well. In another couple of months I hear that outlines of hands and feet can be visible through the belly - I guess he won't be able to miss them then!