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Monday, December 20, 2010

Pregnant gifting (Christmas or otherwise)

Evidently some pregnant people are not in to it.
Here's another blogger chiming in:
After nearly nine long months of giving up so many things for the little person inside and with years of sacrificing for children ahead, I just wanted some stuff for me, dammit! I feel the same way this year. At eight-ish months along there are many things I still need for KID B but I want stuff for me!
I can see that I guess for kid #2, but the plainly stated "I want stuff for me!" is just crass. Ugh.

I totally disagree. I do not need stuff to move from one residence to another in a few weeks. I don't want fragrant things or spa days. Maybe for guajolote #2 something like a gift certificate for a fancy haircut would be appreciated.

This being the first baby however, I don't have even a onesie for him/her. They are super cheap and, in my opinion, inherently thoughtful.