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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Sickness: pregnancy

Being deathly freakin ill for 7 weeks while caring for a sick toddler in the nights.

She spent her first fall sick the whole time too - 24 hrs of totally healthy before the next wave of boogers/flu/whatever hit. This is a fully vaccinated kid who plays outside EVERY day and eats all her veggies voluntarily. Fall is just her season to get sick I guess.

Her sleeping patterns had improved greatly - even occasionally slept through the night. But the stuffiness and attendant coughing and inadvertent waking up means *I never sleep either* so I haven't recovered at all.

It doesn't help that while pregnant there's not too much you can take for just plain ol sickness. Vit C drops and a humidifier. One of those nose strips and a box of kleenex to go to bed with. One day I stayed home even though the sitter came and just slept whenever she took the kid out of the house.

By the end of this illness I started to cry in the daytime just out of sheer exhaustion. No one at work ever caught me though, thank goodness.