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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Future Moby Dick?

Scene: a work function, at which I am one of the guests of honor. There is (delicious!) chocolate mousse cake.

Players: me and two other women, all standing around having cake.

Context: 19 weeks pregnant. Only 4 skirts, and sweatpants, will go on me at this point. Maternity clothes ordered, but not yet arrived.

One of these women I know a little bit and I like her a lot. She's a working mom and I think she's just awesome. She's got 3 kids, most recently twins (a few years ago).

Lady: Oh, you are so tall. You have lots of space to carry your pregnancy. Tall women can look so elegant when pregnant.*

Me (laughing): I think short women look so cute pregnant! Like little snowmen, so jolly!

Lady (taking a step back and looking at me): Wow, your body has changed a lot in the last 3 weeks. If you are that big already, you are going to get REALLY big. (pause) I'm not trying to scare you or anything.

Coming from a 5'3" or so lady who had twins - and looks just great after having done so - her estimation of "big" ought to carry some significance. But which way is it? Am I carrying well, or am I going to be wheeled around because my ankles can't support my enormous mass by the 30th week?

It didn't bother me at all, maybe because I've never been heavy, and I like her. It was just a really funny juxtaposition of comments. Maybe I touched a nerve with the "snowman" comment? (But really, I think short pregnant ladies look so adorable!)

* I am not elegant when not pregnant, so being relegated to the frumpiest articles of clothing I have, and becoming this odd shape and size, is not making me more elegant.