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Monday, January 17, 2011

Quiet panic...

30 weeks today.

People ask us about names. I just pray they don't ask if we have considered car seats, cribs, breast pumps, swings, bassinets, or anything else. The physical reality of this baby is limited to its current living space. Zero, ZERO planning has gone into its environs "on the outside." This is because my mind is occupied all of the time with the larger environment i.e. the house in which we thought we would bring this baby home to...

It can't all possibly get done.

  • gas lines replaced
  • last details of kitchen plumbing installed
  • buy gravity damper for stove vent
  • get it installed somehow... masons won't be back for 2 weeks...
  • Have bathroom vent installed BEFORE any inspections are made
  • Check w municipality for approval on casement window instead of double hung
  • order kitchen window
  • order cabinets

  • rough inspection of plumbing
  • have kitchen electric finished
  • buy the can lights?
  • order bathroom window
  • get water line replaced (don't they have that permit yet?)
  • find some tile for kitchen floor so that can be started once electricians are done in the kitchen
  • who is going to build and tile the tub walls?
  • Who is going to install the bathroom window? masons, or the guy who does the tile?
After that:
  • rough inspection of kitchen electrical so the kitchen can progress.
  • rough inspection of kitchen window too
  • hopefully framing is complete for inspection
  • buy stove and microwave
  • buy ceiling fans for bedrooms so electrician can install them
  • who is going to patch the holes the electrician makes?
So, hopefully all of this happens in the next two weeks. Time's a-wastin'...

After that, the question that wakes me up at night,
How will the plaster dust and lead paint dust get removed from the premises, since I probably shouldn't be the one cleaning it up?