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Monday, October 1, 2012

More sentences and toddler logic

Sep 27th:

She says "edificios" like this:
which is hilarious.

Oct 1st:

She's in the bath and I've just turned off the shower head after rinsing her hair. She reaches up and says,
"Ahi viene la lluvia!"
A favorite catch-all term of hers now is, "Pone!" to put together a lego car, to put a sticker on her belly, to wrap her up in a towel or blanket, to assemble a puzzle. Sometimes it's "Pone this!" or "Pone... this one!"

Oct 3rd:

"No tienes zapatos."
She got real shy right after she said it, she knew she was trying something new I guess? Totally impressed by appropriate use of "you" instead of 3rd person. Usually she says "No tiene zapatos" as in, "Mama no tiene zapatos" but today she branched out.

She used "yo" correctly once last week too, I forget the sentence though.

Despite those grammatical leaps of progress, she still calls me "tu mama". Since about 2 weeks ago, she learned from everyone else to say "tu mama" instead of "mama". I presume between my suegra, the babysitter, and THCSITU telling her "Tu mama esta trabajando" or "Daselo a tu mama" or what have you, she rechristened me "tu mama". When she pulls out my license, which she loves to do, she points at my picture and tells me proudly, "tu mama!"