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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Pregnancy Symptoms, at last

Yesterday I had a few small symptoms, and it took me a bit to piece them together that that's what they were.

The first that I realized what it was was visual effect? distortion? Sort of like when you see those shiny circles in a photo that's looking into the sun? I was having a conversation with someone and just couldn't see half their face because this shiny/glittery thing was making me blink. I couldn't figure out why it was hard to see when I figured out there was this distortion. I remember having something similar during the first time around.

The other was headache.

And the last was faintness/dizziness. I felt weak, and then that flushed pre-fainting feeling as I was hurrying home (late) from work last night. I wanted to see my kiddo and was late and rushing and then after a couple of blocks realized that I had better slow to a walk if I wanted to make it home without assistance (since I nearly passed out and had to sit down early in pregnancy the first time).

None of those were any fun, but they made me feel a bit better that the embryo is continuing to grow and suck my resources. :)

Monday, August 6, 2012


The Guajolotita #1 started using definite articles with her nouns this week. The English definite article is "the" ("a" and "an" are indefinite articles).

Spanish, like most languages, has gendered nouns and the definite articles reflect that: el and la.

She says "el leon" (and provides a tiny roar if asked, "Como hace el leon?"). Her bed sheets have elephants, turtles, lions, and giraffes. She counts the animals and says their names. So far of the sheet-animals, only the lion merits his article. I've gotten reports from THCSITU that she used the (correct!) article with several other nouns yesterday.

This is one she's going to start correcting me on soon - I imagine from her various sources of input she'll learn the correct gender of nouns and correct me when I get them wrong!