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Thursday, June 7, 2012


We had this for dinner tonight.
Quinoa Wilted Spinach Salad (with citrus)

Only two modifications: we didn't have any dried cranberries (and THCSITU doesn't like raisins, and wouldn't share his mango), and I added some lime to the dressing so it would be a bit more interesting.

I was surprised how well it came out. Not really a good dinner, but a great filling side. Baby Girl loved it, she helped mix the dressing & dump it on the spinach. To eat it, she mostly grabbed spinach leaves, sucked the dressing/quinoa off, chewed it up and spit it out, moved on to the next leaf. The spinach wasn't fully mature, but still pretty crunchy - to much to get down without molars, I think. She liked crunching the toasted sliced almonds between her front teeth.