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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Here it goes again

Awake and hungry since 4:30 am. It's the second day in a row that I've been up for the day at 4:30.  At least yesterday it was the Guajolotita who woke me up, and I just couldn't fall back asleep.

Today I woke up hungry at 4:30, but I'll be dammed if I'm going to risk waking a child who slept through the night!

She woke up on her own around 5:45, but I got her back to sleep easily - so I have to keep waiting to eat.

I better get some granola bars for the bedroom or something!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Second Child Syndrome: in check so far

I wrote three, no this makes four, blog posts the day we got the positive test. Even though it was faint, and sort of declared a "Maybe positive" by consensus at the midwife that same day.

Also that same day, I made a Lilypie ticker, and kept the pregnancy test in just as safe a spot as the ones for Guajolote #1 (floating around the "random drawer" in THCSITU's dresser).

However I'm pretty sure we won't do printed pregnancy announcements this time. I will print out a couple of whatever digital one we create to go with kiddo's First Year book.

I wrote to two close friends to let them know, and will follow up with the other three close friends as soon as we get a "for real" positive, probably early next week.

All these posts are staying hidden until then, though.

Read about the dangers of Second Child Syndrome.

Midwife says Maybe?

I took the Guajolotita with to my PAP-turned-prenatal visit. Trying to pee in a cup in a tiny bathroom with a one year old is complicated.

The nurse took my vitals, then I left a sample. It came back negative. "Oh well," I shrugged. "The home test was expired after all." I offered again my FMU in the ziplock, which she took this time but also came back negative.

The midwife came in and did an annual physical, told me what tests to order from a primary care doctor if I wanted, etc. As we were finishing up, and the Guajolotita was completely losing it first for "leche" and then failing that for "pecho", there was a knock on the door.

The nurse stuck her head it. "It's a faint positive now, ten minutes later! Congratulations!"

The midwife says I can either get the 2 part blood test, to look for doubling of some number - or just pee on another stick next week. I'm pretty non-interventiony, and the kid was totally losing it. If I'm pregnant, I'll still be pregnant in a week (or not) - and either way today's result doesn't make a difference.

So... we're at Maybe till next week (or menstruation, whichever comes sooner).

Breaking: Blog Title Now Accurate?

Today I had my annual PAP exam scheduled. Since I couldn't totally rule out pregnancy, I took the one leftover pregnancy test from the pack of three we used 2 years and 8 days ago. Probably scraping your cervix is not advisable during pregnancy, so I figured I should check.

The test was expired since March 2012, around 4 months ago.
Well, you can see what I saw:

I kept the pee in a ziploc for the midwife to test. I showered, emailed, etc. waiting for everyone to wake up.

Just before 8, the Guajolotita opened her own door and came out of her room. No tears, no accident - just like a big kid, but with her sleepy toddler face and all her hair in her eyes. It was the cutest thing!

So we went to wake up The Hottest Computer Scientist in the Universe. He hugged her, and we all went to pee (potty training is a long process at this age!).
I brought him his glasses, and he says, "What."
I hand him the test. He looks and says, "You're pregnant?"
I sorta rock back on my heels, and nonchalantly say, "Yup."
His response: "What are you, Irish?"

** astute friend observed that Mexican-American people are a rather fast-growing segment of the population! Why'd this Mexican guy decide to lump me with a different bunch of Catholic breeders?

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Thinking of a Guajolote #2

My period came back for the first time since the Guajolotita. That's 2 years and 5 days since LMP (first day of last menstrual period.

Naturally our conversations shifted to possible Guajolote #2: should we? are we ready? childcare expenses WHAT?

Actually, The Hottest Computer Scientist in the Universe said something to the effect of great, now we can have another one! Whereas I came back with a bunch of concerns (as listed above). But I agreed, sure, let's see what happens.

I did more or less night-wean the Guajolotita by around 14 months, in part for my sanity and in part to help my period return. However, day to day (night to night!) boob use is inconsistent. Sometimes I can keep her off with a bottle, sometimes she insists. Sometimes I'm too tired to remember to go get a bottle before going to her.

Anyhow, between the night wakings (and night comfortings, really) and random boob-fests, I feel like my cycle is all over the place. Pre-baby, in those 5 months off birth control pills, I had a 29 day cycle. To the day, every time. Today it's Day 32. I don't expect that I am pregnant, but rather that ovulation was delayed due to more-than-usual nursing.

Though last night, I had this freaky vivid, scary dream - something to do with the kiddo being hurt or in danger and I was with her but I hadn't been able to protect her somehow. She woke up A TON last night (yay sinus infection) and I was in a 15 to 40 minute window of sleep before she woke me from that dream. After which point I just slept on the floor next to her mattress.

THCSITU is pretty astute. When I told him about the dream, he asked, "So does that mean you're pregnant already after all?" I laughed and said I don't think so - but I do not usually have scary dreams, and the only time I really had freaky-vivid dreams was during pregnancy.

OTOH I was also overly sensitive/critical to more than one person on Facebook today too - either this is PMS or I am pregnant, cuz something is going down with my hormones.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Uno a Seis

This kid just tonight counted from one to six - handing me her "calzones para la noche" (pull-ups) as she counted.

You could have knocked me over with a feather.

Happy to share the link to the video, just ask in the comments & I'll email you the link.

Dancing queen

This talking thing is amazing. The number of words she says is not something I could even begin to count at this point.

The latest funny development is her starting to learn the lyrics to her favorite songs. I've got a great video of her dancing to one of her favorites (and a couple more) that I'm happy to share on an individual basis. Just ask in the comments and I'll email you the link.

We were on vacation this weekend to visit my cousins. She had a fantastic time, and I should really write about that separately.

But now that we are back, today we noticed her asking for her favorite songs. She usually comes to you and says, "Baila?" while beginning to dance - she's been doing that for a couple of weeks. Then she specifies what she wants to hear. For one song, she hollers, "Hey!" while doing some freestyle dancing, which is the cue for Fiesta de los Zapatos. Listen to it and you'll see why (free mp3 available to stream from that link).

For another favorite, she says "teté" and "metete" and "muchacha" to ask, and they are all words from this song: Metete Teté. When they come up during the song, she repeats "muchacha" especially (that's the newest one to enter her vocabulary of the three). This song has been her favorite for almost year, she would begin to smile and kick to the rhythm since she was at least 5 months old.

She spends part of each day with her Abuela dancing. They listen to cumbias and other dance music and dance around. The songs linked here are by a classic Mexican children's song composer/performer, Cri-Cri. Honestly though, this kid will dance to anything and everything.