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Friday, July 27, 2012

Second Child Syndrome: in check so far

I wrote three, no this makes four, blog posts the day we got the positive test. Even though it was faint, and sort of declared a "Maybe positive" by consensus at the midwife that same day.

Also that same day, I made a Lilypie ticker, and kept the pregnancy test in just as safe a spot as the ones for Guajolote #1 (floating around the "random drawer" in THCSITU's dresser).

However I'm pretty sure we won't do printed pregnancy announcements this time. I will print out a couple of whatever digital one we create to go with kiddo's First Year book.

I wrote to two close friends to let them know, and will follow up with the other three close friends as soon as we get a "for real" positive, probably early next week.

All these posts are staying hidden until then, though.

Read about the dangers of Second Child Syndrome.

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