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Friday, July 27, 2012

Midwife says Maybe?

I took the Guajolotita with to my PAP-turned-prenatal visit. Trying to pee in a cup in a tiny bathroom with a one year old is complicated.

The nurse took my vitals, then I left a sample. It came back negative. "Oh well," I shrugged. "The home test was expired after all." I offered again my FMU in the ziplock, which she took this time but also came back negative.

The midwife came in and did an annual physical, told me what tests to order from a primary care doctor if I wanted, etc. As we were finishing up, and the Guajolotita was completely losing it first for "leche" and then failing that for "pecho", there was a knock on the door.

The nurse stuck her head it. "It's a faint positive now, ten minutes later! Congratulations!"

The midwife says I can either get the 2 part blood test, to look for doubling of some number - or just pee on another stick next week. I'm pretty non-interventiony, and the kid was totally losing it. If I'm pregnant, I'll still be pregnant in a week (or not) - and either way today's result doesn't make a difference.

So... we're at Maybe till next week (or menstruation, whichever comes sooner).

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