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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Sex dreams

No, not that kind.

I had a vivid dream that the baby was a girl. Actually, her girl parts weren't on display in the dream, but she was born already and known to be a girl.

In the beginning of the dream she was brand new, still slimed up and lying on top of me. I couldn't see her face, just the top of her head and her tiny naked body. Then somehow we were at my dad's house in the de facto "guest room" which had two twin beds. The Hottest Computer Scientist in the Universe got up and went to another room, and I picked the baby up and tried to feed her - but she wasn't biting (metaphorically). I started thinking about what I've read about breastfeeding and considering what to do to convince her, but then a bunch of people showed up to visit "the baby" and I felt really frustrated that we were interrupted and worried that she was hungry. :(

When I told my dad the next day, he said "Sorry to disappoint you, but it's a boy." Everyone is totally sure this baby is a boy, so much so that we sort of tend to believe them. Cuz we hear it every day.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Long time, no see.

How's it going. This belly has only gotten wilder as the month went by. Due to some connectivity problems and being outrageously busy, posting went way down. But I feel there is some stuff I should write down that I might forget.

The guajolote smuggled a knife in there, or what? There is an occasional sharp pain, sometimes bad enough that it stops me in my tracks. The midwife said that could be due to slight separation of my pelvis, and a nerve getting pinched in there. One night I asked The Hottest Computer Scientist in the Universe to get the car to pick me up from work because it was taking so long to walk due to my stopping every 3rd step. Lesson learned: don't climb up and down off of tables in the 3rd trimester.

Crazy undulations of the belly
THCSITU has finally felt some of the weird stuff from the outside that I've been feeling for months on the inside. It freaks him out sometimes. He asked the midwife at our most recent visit if that was "normal." She was pretty impressed with the show she saw when trying to pin the baby with the doppler - Guajolote was having none of it! A close cousin who is a high-risk OB says that fetal activity correspond to post-birth activity levels and recommended that I "have my running shoes on" Ulp!

Sleep vs pee
There is no more sleep. I realized I was lying awake in the middle of the night - I had to pee so badly that I couldn't really tell anymore, but then I couldn't sleep. Also then I can't really let it out, only a tiny bit and then 5 min later I have to go again. In the course of six hours, I either get up 3 times to pee (every time I realize I have woken up) or I only get up twice and lay there awake thereafter. I am sure it is adversely affecting THCSITU's sleep as well, since he has 165 lbs of monster crawling over him every 90-120 min.

Maternity clothes are also too small
At the beginning of February, all the maternity clothes fit my perfectly. Now I have an inch and a half of belly peeking out the bottom, and still a month to go (and, presumably, grow). Ew.

Size impresses
THCSITU, coworkers, and random people now stop to comment on belly size. I don't mind it.

Pregnancy clumsiness: it's the belly, stupid
Several have asked if I am more clumsy. I think my hand-eye coordination is unchanged: THCSITU tossed a pen at me from across several cafeteria tables this weekend and I caught it just fine. However I do knock things off of tables/counters with my belly, or slightly impale myself on frying pan handles, etc. By now I've mostly figured out that I can't squeeze past anyone or anything. Either I get a wide path, or I just stand there and wait for things to clear out before lumbering along.

Other confessions
  • I quit cooking months ago. This now extends to weekend breakfasts (my favorite to cook). We are too busy. At least half the week we are getting home at 11pm, we volunteer all day Saturday, all the other days/nights we are at Home Depot for this neverending house project, or Babies R Us to look at equipment to later order online, or someplace. I have to try for at least 6 hours of sleep and if I make dishes there is no WAY they are getting washed because we are never here.
  • Sex is one day a week. And that is it. This is, I think, mostly for the same reasons I quit cooking. We are problem-solving through the time we brush our teeth and then it's 12:30 already and usually I have to get up by 7, THCSITU is asleep by the time I finish flossing, etc.
  • I SHAVED MY LEGS oh joy that was nice. Well it wasn't nice but it was nice to have that done. We have a shower stall and it is not possible to shave in there any more. But we spent a night at my dad's and he's got tubs so hallelujia soap lather still works same as it did when I was in high school. It was the first time in at least a month, and possibly the first time since Christmas. Not kidding.

I'm sure I'm leaving stuff out but there you have it. 3 weeks and 6 days to go...