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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Big Day!!

She woke up late. I was laying near her, reading email when she began to stir. She sleepily sat up, blinked, and in that just-woke-up croak (that even little kids have, who knew?) said, "Pee-pee?"

I grabbed her and we ran to the bathroom. It was tough to get her onesie open and diaper off since she was too sleepy still to stand up. Hopefully she didn't get too manhandled. I sat her on the toilet while we leaned forehead to forehead, all the while I had a pro-pee-pee patter going on.... and she did it!! First time ever!!

I knew it wasn't the whole contents of her bladder, but after several attempts to elicit more pee, I washed our hands and started to get her some breakfast. During which time, she went back to the bathroom and squatted next to the toilet and peed there. Ah well, she tried! It was my fault for not paying attention, really.

A couple hours later, we went to swimming lessons. Which is just dance-around-in-a-circle-and-hope-your-kid-doesn't-cry time. But this kid loves the water. Loves it. She spends the entire half hour floating on her belly, her legs floating straight out behind her, with my hand under her chest to keep her head out of the water. Her favorite thing is "jumping" into the water, which we do with a big "A la una, a las dos, a las tres!" and a huge splashy entrance. She will sometimes blow bubbles in the water (or drink it) but I haven't been able to get her to kick. Today she did this frantic bicycle pedal though!