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Friday, April 29, 2011

We did it!! (Yes, that "it")

Post-birth pooping is a scary prospect. Fortunately for me it wasn't so bad. I did drink a lot of prune juice and eat lots of carrots and things came out just fine. Heh heh.

Post-birth sex is a whole nother scary prospect. Besides the possibility for discomfort or maybe pain - I know that part of me is permanently different. My vagina stretched to accommodate 35.5 cm of a cute baby's head, then got split open by her shoulder. I can feel that is is different. So what'll that mean for our sex life? Will I be any fun any more? etc.

One day shy of 6 weeks after birth, probably 8 weeks since we last had vaginal intercourse, the good news is that yes, it still works.

The hard (heh heh) reality is that it sort of felt a little pinchy - but not actually painful. Definitely looser. :(

It was tough for me to really be mentally participating because I was so preoccupied with reconciling what it might be like vs what I was feeling physically.

I'm relieved we got over the "first time" hurdle and we both had a good time. I am looking forward to all the next times!