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Friday, July 23, 2010

Intuition, Suegra edition (or: Lo sospeché desde un principio)

So going to see the mother in law tonight, The Hottest Computer Scientist in the Universe said that he thought his mom would guess before we tell her. We don't plan to tell anybody until after first trimester or first ultrasound, whichever is later. So that's a good two months away.

I think she won't guess, because we will be traveling for the last two weeks of the first trimester and too busy getting ready to leave to see her very often.

But I do think that whenever we tell her, she will say, "I knew it!" If we told her tonight that I was 13 wks pregnant (which I am not), she would come out with several reasons that had her allegedly "knowing" in advance: we are trying to buy a house, we are taking a trip, who knows what else. Hindsight being 20/20 she will posit all the "clues."

So just writing this now, and in a couple months I will have a reference to go back and see. :-P

P.S. For what it's worth, THCSITU thought I was giving myself away by "eating a lot." Guys, I eat. It's what I do. I'm pretty damn good at it.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Har har.

I texted The Hottest Computer Scientist in the Universe that I had checked some financial records and I totally had one part of home-buying costs covered. He writes back, "Yes, but just barely," and explained that the amount is calculated differently than I'd realized.
We are still BARELY in the clear then! Argh.

But that should be enough though.

Yeah... but I don't feel like a big man anymore.

I bet you'll feel like a big woman later.



So you wanted to live someplace?

Mortgage lenders are taking a harder look at prospective borrowers whose income has temporarily fallen while they are on leave, including new parents at home taking care of a baby. Even if a parent plans on returning to work within weeks, some lenders are balking at approving the loans.


So before some prospective parents start spending their Sundays at open houses, they should be prepared to deal with some complications. They may have to delay the purchase, deal with the banks’ bureaucracy (and requests for extra paperwork) or buy a home they can afford on one salary.

Thank goodness our closing date is more than 7 months before the guajolote's due date...

Signs & Symptoms

You know what's hot?

Oooh yeah.

There was a story recently about a lady pregnant with two babies who have different due dates (so, not twins!). I am unsuprised that this is rare. I can't imagine we could have evolved to be so gross right at the outset of pregnancy and have evolved the ability to make two babies separately-but-in-the-same-gestational-period.

First Doctor Visit

So, though lots of online fora (or "forums" for the Hoi Polloi) say that doctors don't want to see people till they are 6 weeks + , the office I go to said to come in.

"What are you coming in for." (It was not phrased as a question.)
"I found out I'm pregnant this morning. Do I have to come in or something?"
"I found out I'm pregnant this morning. Do I have to come in or something?"
(slightly friendlier tone?)"You have to have your pregnancy confirmed to receive prenatal care. You can come in tomorrow."

So fine, I go in today... and they have me pee in a cup. Dudes, I did that at home. Really. The resident... not wearing a coat so maybe just a student?... was nervous and had a hard time asking questions like:
"Are you planning to continue the pregnancy?"
"Is the father involved?"

I tried not to crack up.

She left to go "figure out" my due date - spin the pregnancy wheel, I imagine - based upon first day of last period (most accurate method ever!) and comes back, sounding annoyed (or perhaps just surprised?): "You are 4 weeks and 4 days. That's the earliest I've ever seen."

The Hottest Computer Scientist in the Universe points out: The earliest she's ever seen in all 95 days of her residency?

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Finding out

I realized about a week before the test that we weren't "in the clear" with respect to possible pregnancy.
Fifth cycle off birth control
The Hottest Computer Scientist in the Universe just said, "That's interesting!" and laughed when I tried to warn him. At some point over the weekend, when my period was "late for me" but not yet 14 days after ovulation, he looked at my chart and I explained that we should have been more careful on two specific days: June 30th and July 5th. He was out of town July 3rd-July 5th... we were happy to see each other...

Sunday night after laundry I convinced him to go buy a box of pregnancy tests. "Why not just wait a week and see what happens?" he protests. Ha, yeah. I was sure by then already, but obviously he was unconvinced!

I slept 3 hours that night. I woke up, took my temperature, and saw it was 4:14 am. Then I started thinking. About the house, our renovations, my job... money and time concerns. Argh.

Finally at 7 I got up, showered, shaved my legs... tried to kill time until he would wake up. The first alarm went off. I tested once and went to see if The Hottest Computer Scientist in the Universe, El Bello Durmiente, had gotten up. Not quite. It had been 3 seconds, and those two lines were there.

I grabbed another test, hid the first, and waited for him to shuffle over. I was shaking and trying not to show it. He is asking for his glasses while I say, "Watch this." Stick in cup, cap on stick... *poof* two lines. "Wait wait wait!" he says. "You have to wait 3 minutes!" Ha, I laughed. OK. "I'll get the phone. 3 minutes. Maybe they'll vanish, but I doubt it! Here, look at the first one!" I laid the two together.

So he chuckles. Hugs me. I am sort of shell shocked. Not crying but not excited. Just ... in disbelief?

Monday, July 19, 2010


Holy Smoke.

I am pregnant.

Not totally comfortable with this idea. I think it will weird out my dad and sisters. We are in the middle of buying a house, how will we afford renovations and a baby at the same time? I *just* signed a contract for my job, which has fantastic benefits.

This was a year too soon!

But I bet s/he will be so cute! And I hope adorably fat from the get-go!!