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Friday, December 17, 2010

I wonder if this kid turned around?

Sitting in this chair, I had my arm resting across the top of my belly - and the Guajolote totally kicked me off!

That's the very top of my uterus, and it was (relatively) powerful so that's why I guess it was a foot instead of a hand. But what do I know.

Kinda cute though.

When the midwife put the doppler on my belly to listen to the heartbeat today, he* kicked her too.

5th Prenatal Visit

Weight (mine): 154.5 lbs

Heart beat (Guajolote's): 120-130

This is way lower than all the previous times. Also, I feel like the baby is moving much less the last few days than prior to our minor scare. So I don't feel great about that, but the midwife said it didn't mean anything and it's all normal. But still... she said if we are worried, then to be on "cervical rest" for two weeks and heh heh "do it" again and see what happens. Wait, what? TWO WEEKS? Not enthused.

I took the glucose test tonight. Results, if not good, by phone tomorrow. I think they'll be fine though.

Additionally, we are supposed to schedule another ultrasound (yay?) because the last images, when reviewed by a radiologist, don't adequately show the "major arteries": the aorta and something else (not good).

We haven't actually worried about that yet. The midwife said that since the baby has grown, the ultrasound tech will get better/clearer images of these little but important components and everything is probably fine.

PS. 154.5 lbs? holy crap! I'm already more than 20 lbs heavier than I started out!!

PPS. christ I hope that's the least of my worries with this kid.

This baby is a pain in my butt!

My self-diagnosed sciatica was confirmed tonight. It's the only unpleasant symptom I've had in this pregnancy, so I can't complain too much. It is annoying sometimes though:
  • sometimes there is no getting comfortable when trying to sleep
  • getting out of my chair to walk any amount at work is not nice at all
  • I spend way too much time with my left hand on my own ass
  • If I am lying on my back, it takes both arms and a concerted effort to turn over.
This causes the "turtle effect": The Hottest Computer Scientist in the Universe says I look like a turtle rolled over onto its back. My limbs are waving in a vain attempt to turn myself over, because I assume I should be able to just roll over and sit up.

Cure? Um, give birth. Right, getting on that...

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Distorted reality

I have no clue what size I am now. I have 2 pairs of maternity pants and the same maternity shirt in 6 colors - and that's my uniform.

Yesterday, tucking my pants into my winter boots, I thought: "Oh, kinda like skinny jeans!"

NOT. Not at all. My maternity pants just fit so dang well. Which is a good thing - but it fools me. I've got clothes I've had since junior high (not kidding) and they still fit (until August this year). I just don't change that much, so it's hard to realize that I am, in fact, different.

A la Foxworthy:
You might be enormous if...
you see yourself in the mirror and think, "My butt looks pretty good in these [maternity] pants."

Monday, December 13, 2010

Sex *is* allowed

...but one way or another it might freak out all involved.

fair warning: bodily fluids, and my sex life, discussed below
Since the ultrasound, I feel that THCSITU has been physically pretty distant. Additionally, since closing on the house, we have been crazy busy - and that's only going to get worse. Anyhow, sex isn't coming as readily as it did, say, two months ago.

Last night, I successfully changed that, at least for the night. We had a *very* good time. But

That's the first time that's happened for us during pregnancy. Fortunately, I've read enough to know that is par for the course. I reassured THCSITU that the books mention this and it's OK. It rattled me a little though - all night I kept checking, "Is he moving? Oh good." I slept less than 4 hours, I'm sure.

The next morning the nurse sounded very attentive over the phone, but the midwife called back and said as long as the color was getting darker and stopped within a day that it's normal.

So, non-pregnant people, file that one away somewhere in your noggin. Because, per the link above, I didn't find a reputable source in my googling while waiting for the midwife to call back.

The question remains: can I convince THCSITU that it's OK to touch me in that way again before, say, this kid is 3 months old?