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Saturday, October 16, 2010


Subtitle: "Pregnant sex is the best!"

(Enthusiastically stated, a few weeks back, by someone I admire.)

Well, I have my doubts about that but I will say, though it's not happening as frequently as other more-or-less "hot" times in our relationship, it does come easier (pardon the pun). We were fortunate not to have a no-desire 1st trimester - sex life was unchanged. Now... I guess it's more that if I want it, I want it NOW. Certain specific things are not possible anymore, because my lower abdomen doesn't accommodate squishing as much, but otherwise everything's good.

Also I had an almost-sex dream last night. Well, two dreams: in the first, The Hottest Computer Scientist in the Universe was fighting in a war and his group (platoon? squadron?) had dug small, deep holes and they each had to get in one and were to be buried alive. I was there to say goodbye and we kissed.

In the second one, THCSITU having been disposed of, I was younger, and touring a farm. The animals were on raised, fenced platforms inside of barns. Both the platforms inside and the barns themselves were in a grid. Everything was clean, no straw, feed, poop, smells - which I didn't notice as odd in the dream - but the little ducks and chicks and puppies were just happily tumbling around together in their platforms. Our group, composed of fictionalized versions of orchestra members from high school, was staying in one of these barns, 3 or 4 to a bed. Queue the music, and the foreplay... the boy left for some unexplained reason, and in the meantime my dad took a bed at the other end of the barn! My would-be partner came back and was still fiesty, while I tried to quietly clue him in. That ended the fun, and I woke up.

Ok, so kind of lame. But I'm not one to have sex dreams, so gimme a break.

Update on boobs (so far my boobs are only for sex so they'll be included in this post): They are not dramatically different sizes anymore, but if you were to see them directly (without clothes) what is most obvious is that they are cock-eyed. Pointing in different directions. In my opinion, it's distracting. Why are they looking back at me like that?!

Today, while being, um, squeezed vigorously, they leaked a couple of drops. Sorta freaked out THCSITU, but it had occasionally happened even before this whole pregnancy thing during times when we had lots and lots of sex, so I consider it no big deal.

And, from what I understand, they more or less leak the whole time you breast feed. So... he gots to get over it because mama's gonna want to get laid...

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