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Tuesday, October 12, 2010


We told my MIL on Saturday. It was a full week after my dad, but the first time we saw her face-to-face since we were ready to tell people.

For family abroad, we can't tell them face-to-face, but I was planning to mail them something or call (depending on who).

First up would be The Hottest Computer Scientist in the Universe's dad. It will be his first grandkid, and he will be super excited.

But my MIL called tonight to let us know that:
  • she already told my FIL's mother (hereafter: Abuelita)
  • Abuelita is really excited (yeah, duh)
  • Abuelita will tell everyone down there (also duh)
I am so upset. It is our first kid, THCSITU's dad's first grandkid... IT IS OUR NEWS TO TELL. He deserves to hear from his son first, not 3rd hand from his mom who heard it from his ex-wife!

THCSITU points out that his dad and Abuelita will just be thrilled to hear the news. That is true, but I have no doubt that they both would have appreciated a personal phone call from HIM. It's got to cross their minds, "Why didn't he call to tell us himself?" Especially his dad will feel that way.

PS I locked my wall on fb. We don't want the news out on the interwebs yet (my name isn't here, so this doesn't count) and all the abroad-family will start responding to their third-hand info that way, since no one will ask them not to when the news is shared.

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