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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Stupid Christmas ads

Things I do not want in our house:
- barbie anything
- disney anything
- any clothes with any licensed characters on them
- tutus
- princess anything
- baby dolls
- those hallmark book & toy sets I keep getting advertised on Hulu
- jewelry, purses, makeup, nailpolish for little girls
- any electronic toys
- those recordable books, except we will get one or two for family in Mexico to record stories on. Otherwise I think they are lazy - reading should be a bonding experience where the parent/grandparent is reading TO the child. Physically present.

The princess/baby doll stuff I know will happen in a couple of years, but right now she is thrilled with what she has - Pat the Bunny and the bear-like creature from Hop on Pop are her favorite stuffed animals. No need to coach her in the ways of girly crap - other little girls will unfortunately do that to her soon enough.