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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Stupid Christmas ads

Things I do not want in our house:
- barbie anything
- disney anything
- any clothes with any licensed characters on them
- tutus
- princess anything
- baby dolls
- those hallmark book & toy sets I keep getting advertised on Hulu
- jewelry, purses, makeup, nailpolish for little girls
- any electronic toys
- those recordable books, except we will get one or two for family in Mexico to record stories on. Otherwise I think they are lazy - reading should be a bonding experience where the parent/grandparent is reading TO the child. Physically present.

The princess/baby doll stuff I know will happen in a couple of years, but right now she is thrilled with what she has - Pat the Bunny and the bear-like creature from Hop on Pop are her favorite stuffed animals. No need to coach her in the ways of girly crap - other little girls will unfortunately do that to her soon enough.

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  1. With our first child we were able to avoid electronic (noisy) toys, and barbies, and all kinds of things. By the second, well, the older one was venturing out into the world and had friends and outside influences and that was that. Keep the stuff you don't like at bay as long as you can!


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