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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Dress up or, does that come as a muumuu?

Last night was The Hottest Computer Scientist in the Universe's office Christmas party. This is not just any office party - it is super fancy, mean age is under 30, and the girls are skanked up good. I knew there were going to be 2 other pregnant people there (out of ~200 people), so at least I wouldn't be the only Violet.

Looks OK, right? WRONG. Wrong wrong wrong. It felt like a sack, that horrible heavy polyester grossness that choir robes are made out of. And in the back - there's a reason they don't have the back image! It might's well've been a house dress! It was like a tent.

So it got returned (thank you, 48-hr-try-on policy!!) and the same night I convinced THCSITU to go to Marshall's and help me find a dress.
THCSITU: "Maybe this one"
Me: "Um, that's a size 14..."
THCSITU: "Well, I don't know if they have one bigger..."
I ended up with a range of stuff, from sweater dresses in size S to things in a 14. 3/4 of them fit, and I took about 2/3. Two of those were possible "nice" dresses for this occasion. The next day I took one to the tailor to make it fit the non-belly parts of me and went for a hair cut. The dress had sequins! I never wear sequins.

Given how much he charged, they didn't work the miracle I was hoping for, but with some heels I thought it would be alright. I went in to the party with some confidence... but the pictures we took after belied the truth. I didn't look cute and pregnant, especially in the low lighting of the event. I just looked... chunky. Sigh. :(

PS. the more-pregnant-than-me one I didn't see there, but the other has a due date the same week and she looked both way cuter and more pregnant than me. :(