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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

It's not just me.

It does happen to all pregnant people!

How are you feeeeeeling?

Although the people enquiring after my well-being nowadays are not weird about it, as described in the above link - they are just trying to be considerate.

It's still weird. But I'm adjusting.

Mmm Brains Braaaiiiiiinnnns

Zombie HUNGRY.

Despite the chicken-skin-fest that was dinner 7 hrs ago, I'm hungry. I'd probably always be hungry at this time, I guess, since I wake up and eat a lot most mornings now. BUT I AM SUPPOSED TO BE ASLEEP.

At least I'm coping with it better now.

I blame it on the "house." In quotation marks because
  • it's not a single-family home
  • it's not ours yet
but whether this house is the right decision is stressing me out big time. Convenient, since we're already committed to it. Ugh.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Fat pants

I wore pants today! For the first time in weeks!

They were super hot: all-around elastic waistband, with all-around drawstring inside.

It was nice to have warm legs today though.

Guess I better pick up the other maternity pants I ordered.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Vagin-WE (royal we)

If you haven't read this article, do it now. Aside from the tone, which is sometimes preachy, the content is hilarious. Unbelievable, from my stateside viewpoint.

Everyone and her mother blogged about it, so I left it alone. But I saw it come up again today with just a FABulous line:
"...holy crap! A magic dildo? From the Feds? I’m used to getting screwed by the government, but not in a good way."

link to post


Except the tiny unfunny part is that I am terrified our sex life/my vagina will never recover. I know, I know, it has to. We are not, evolutionarily, a one-child species, so the thing continues to function. But... I'm not scared of the pain - it'll be more than I can handle, so I'm not trying to imagine it or pretend I'll be in control. But my vagina... I love my vagina...

Things people say

I've already learned to expect to be rubbed/grabbed in a way I never have been before. Maybe my butt has grown so that people are just intimidated by its mass now? But no, that would mean they'd cower in fear at my belly instead of reach for it.

Which is fine. I have read about that, so it was vaguely expected, and I tend to interact via touch anyhow.

But good lord, the things people say.

The two best so far:
  • There is no "Hello": When greeting a pregnant person, instead you must ask: "How are you feeling?" News flash: THIS IS NOT A TERMINAL ILLNESS.
  • The other is an anecdote:
A wonderful sweet woman, mom to several kids, understanding and kind, was jovially welcoming me to the mom-club, so to speak. She asked, in front of two other people, "Are you ready?"

I laughed and replied, "Of course not!" Thinking, of course, like I think any reasonable person ought, that there's no way to prepare for the lifelong tornado that is parenthood.

Her immediate response:
"Oh, it wasn't planned?"