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Monday, October 18, 2010

Vagin-WE (royal we)

If you haven't read this article, do it now. Aside from the tone, which is sometimes preachy, the content is hilarious. Unbelievable, from my stateside viewpoint.

Everyone and her mother blogged about it, so I left it alone. But I saw it come up again today with just a FABulous line:
"...holy crap! A magic dildo? From the Feds? I’m used to getting screwed by the government, but not in a good way."

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Except the tiny unfunny part is that I am terrified our sex life/my vagina will never recover. I know, I know, it has to. We are not, evolutionarily, a one-child species, so the thing continues to function. But... I'm not scared of the pain - it'll be more than I can handle, so I'm not trying to imagine it or pretend I'll be in control. But my vagina... I love my vagina...

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