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Sunday, August 15, 2010


Ugh so after the previous post, I went to bed. And laid there. And realized I felt yucky. I had very little protein of any kind yesterday, pretty much only the beans in the Pasta e Fagiole at Pompei around 7pm. So I toss and turn, trying to find the position where my stomach doesn't revolt, which bothers The Hottest Computer Scientist in the Universe, and I finally get up, knowing I won't sleep until I eat.

So I am shuffling around the kitchen in the dark to wash a pan and make an egg (with toast). Crying because I am so pissed off that I have to eat NOW and brush and floss AGAIN and not only was I up from 2:30 till 4 but now it'll be more like 5 before I sleep.

And sure enough, at 8-something I have to pee again and that is it. No more sleeping. Ugh.

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