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Sunday, August 15, 2010

STTN? wtf.

STTN is shorthand on parenting message boards for Sleeping Through The Night, as in "My kid isn't!" or "When did you kid finally?"

However this is a subject I think about several times a week, although this Guajolote won't be here till March. As it is, this is the second time in this week I've gotten up at a stupid hour because I am hungry. Actually I wake up because I have to pee, and then can't sleep again right away because of being hungry. At least today I figure I can go back to sleep. Friday morning I woke up at 4:51am and that was it for the night. :(

Side note: this "hunger" is weird. I still feel mostly full, where my belly is sort of poking out (I'm almost 8 weeks, so it's not poking out because of that yet.) but also hungry. I can scarf down fruit, for instance. But it doesn't feel like a bowl of cereal would fit in there. It's the same at work during the day, I go from eating, to feeling hungry-but-not, to vaguely ill, to I-might-kill-you ravenous. Annoying.

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