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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Real movement!

I felt the stereotypical baby motions for the first time today. It was at work, so I sent The Hottest Computer Scientist in the Universe email about it:
I am eating lentil soup ... (kinda high sodium I think, but it's got bacon and lentils, lots of protein) and I was helping a grad student and I felt him/her/it big time! Not the fish-spinning thing but it was either hands or feet because they were beating 1-2 1-2 really really fast. That's the "fluttering" [people] mentioned I guess. But it was really focused
in one spot [two immediately adjacent points] - whereever his hands and/or feet were. I am guessing it was feet because a baby's arms aren't long enough to reach beyond his head and it was clear over on the [left] side of my abdomen.

Or else the kid hates lentils and was having a tantrum. Or a seizure? :( I thought of that and was worried for a minute...
My best friend's mom had told me about two weeks before that I could feel the baby move by lying on my belly on a firm surface. "You'll feel the most magical fluttering!" she said, delighted. I'm not one for terms like "magical fluttering," but feeling two tiny feet kicking me for all they were worth, and realizing all of a sudden that those are little feet, did send me into some sort of a zone for a minute.

It's only happened the once while I've noticed/been awake. Soon enough it'll be less cute and more uncomfortable, I imagine.

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