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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Brought to you by....

Very good friends gave us a Melissa&Doug talking alphabet puzzle for the Guajolotita#1's birthday. We didn't open it for her at the time, as she still put EVERYTHING in her mouth. Recently the babysitter must have, because it came crashing down on my head in pieces when I was trying to reach something else in her closet.

So I am hauling everything out of the closet to try and find the letters, while the kiddo is putting the "puzzle" together. It's just one of those where each letter has its slot, they don't actually interlock or anything like an actual puzzle. And it doesn't talk yet as it has no batteries.

Anyway, of course I can't find them all. But l made good progress. I called out to THCSITU, "We're just missing N!"

He says, "I know where it is. Check the TV."

I said, "No, I found G above the TV, there aren't any more."

He says, "I mean on Sesame Street. I'm pretty sure I've seen it there."

Har har!!

(Which, also, he actually hasn't because we've never turned on Sesame Street or any other kids programming.)

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