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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Again with the braiiiiiins

Well, the Guajolotita #1 was overtired and semi-hysterical by bedtime tonight. I think she needs 2 naps per day right now again. Perhaps she's growing a lot right now? She had 2 naps per day all weekend and tonight was really hard for her.

Anyhow I passed out after she was finally asleep at 10pm, and woke up when THCSITU was getting ready for bed at 12:30. I was SO HUNGRY and tried to sleep, nothing sounded good, blah. Then I remembered I have a ton of waffles from the last two weekends!

So I got up and have eaten a 4 quarters of waffle, had two cups of milk, written a couple of posts, read some articles... and kid will be up in 2.5 hrs so I better go back to bed!

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  1. Nice to catch up with your posts and know things are going well! I'm so glad your daughter will get to be a big sister. There is nothing that makes me happier than seeing my kids all play together and help each other out. I hope it's as fun for you!


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