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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

OB visit

Weight (mine): 159
Also, a tiny ultrasound on one of those portable monitors.

Our midwife practice has an associated OB, more or less in the event something goes "wrong" and surgery is needed there's a person appointed to do that. We were required to schedule (and pay upfront for) an appointment to meet her.

She strikes me as a total hippie. Which is perfect. I think The Hottest Computer Scientist in the Universe liked her, too.

During our 15 minute (or less) meeting, she asked for basic info: EDD, LMP, physical complaints if any, etc. and then she came out with this:
"Anything interesting about this pregnancy?"
She didn't say it in an unfriendly way, but what a funny question to ask a first-time pregnant person!

I laughed, because I knew what she meant, and said, "No, nothing that's interesting to anyone else." The sheet she gave us after specified: "Uncomplicated pregnancy."

She also took a small jab at the midwives, it seemed to me. While adjusting clothing so she could take the ultrasound, I said that I hadn't expected that because the midwives just feel for position and take the heartbeat. She replied, "I like to look, they like to feel. I don't like surprises. They don't mind a few surprises, because they have me there [...]" I don't remember how she ended that sentence, "if something goes wrong" or "if they need me" or what. But she quickly followed up to say that this group of midwives has a very low incidence of needing her assistance.

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