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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Saturday morning, 6 am

It's beautiful to be awake early in the morning with this cuddly little monkey sleeping on my chest. She's in sort of a bowling pin shape, with her legs curled under her but her head and arms thrown up, sprawling to my neck. She twists and gives a dramatic stretch every few minutes.

I slept from midnight till 3am, alone in our bed, while The Hottest Computer Scientist in the Universe slept with her in the la-z-boy. He brought her in when she was hungry, and I sleepily set her in the vicinity of a nipple and fell asleep. I don't think she ate much. All three of us slept another two hours. This is a huge amount of sleep for me! Double what I got the night before. From 4:45, I watched her sleeping until she started to stir, and took the opportunity to sneak in a diaper change. The idea was to change and feed without her really waking up, so we could both sleep another couple of hours. This works, sometimes.

Not today. Poor girl started screaming the instant her diaper came off. As she ramped heself up, those little legs started the bicycle kick which only prolongs the process. THCSITU, upstairs neighbors surely woke up. Even once it was over, she was still hollering, though she closed her mouth into the most adorable sad frown during the breaths between screams. (this is a step down from frantic mouth-open yelling and inhaling)

But after she started eating ravenously she slowly calmed down. And when finished, her eyes instantly drooped.

And, for me at least, she was SO cute... every point along the way.

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  1. I know exactly what you mean about the frown!!! I find it very cute on Neeya too but then I feel bad cause I realize she is actually crying LOL. How have you been?


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