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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Army crawl!!

Baby girl grabs tight to the play mat, braces against her elbows, and pulls her knees up her sides, then scoots her forearms out and does it again. She can make it two feet no problem, but usually she reaches the edge of the mat and doesn't go too much farther.

Tonight we are trying again with the non-boob sleeping. I've given her a bad habit of falling asleep at the nipple. She slept through the night 6-8 hours regularly at 3 months old, but now she never gets more than 4 hours without waking up for some nipple action - and usually it's more like just 2 hours. Poor thing looks like a zombie all the time (mama does too, but that's been true since before she was born). However she's not thrilled about her chupon (even though these Nuk ones she likes wayyyy more than the Gumdrop ones we originally got her).

I convinced Papi (The Hottest Computer Scientist in the Universe) to participate in the tiny sleep training - but baby girl knows he doesn't have boobs and is pretty mad when he picks her up at night! One night she cried in his arms for 30-40 min and sniffled for another 20 before falling asleep. Since then we have gone back to the boob - but right now he's giving it another go. She didn't completely lose it with anger, at least, and I think they will be asleep together in the glider in a few minutes.

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