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Monday, November 14, 2011

Guess who's getting teeth!

I think they've been on the way for a while, but I didn't realize till Sunday. Since I figured they've got to come in sometime, I stopped letting Baby Girl chew on my fingers for fun. But Sunday, even though she seems healthier (5 weeks of colds coming and going) she was so whiny and didn't want to be left alone for a second. So I gave her a knuckle to 'see' what mght be going on in there and sure enough it wasn't perfectly smooth anymore! I was able to peek during some laughing and you can just see some clearish looking slits below the surface.

The Hottest Computer Scientist in the Universe was away each day this weekend at a conference, so I texted him right away. I felt proud of my sweet girl - which is ridiculous because she's not actively doind anything, it's just happening to her.

Now writing about it I feel a little sad - she's getting to be a big girl!

P.S. she isn't drooling AT ALL. But she makes this face, where she scrunches up her face and mashes her fist or back of the wrist into her gums and sort of groans. She's been doing it for the last week or so, but really a lot over the weekend. I guess that's her teething indicator. No fever really - she's a touch warmer than her usual, like just-woke-up warm baby temperature but no actual fever.


  1. This "newborn" posting Completely useful..good source, thanks anyway!

  2. Can't wait until teething is over....its so hard to see them uncomfortable. i was told they teeth from birth to two years old?! true??!?!?!?!!


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