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Tuesday, May 8, 2012


The sweetest baby ever now says "Mami". Constantly, almost plaintively. And it breaks my heart.

She's NOT talking about me. She wanders around, reciting it to herself. She stares out the car window (while I am sitting next to her on the other side), repeating it over and over. There's barely a pause between iterations: "Mami. Mami. Mami."

Both my suegra and the nanny have coached her on this. During meals or diaper changes, they each recite with long, over-emphasized syllables: "Maaaammmmiii. Paaaapiiii." And since neither Mami nor Papi are around.... well, of course she learned no meaning to associate with the word.

I pointed out to each of them that it doesn't make sense to ask her to say "Mami" when Mami isn't there. But neither one understood what I meant. I should have insisted they stop. :-(

Both my suegra and the nanny are so proud that she says it. I am getting tired of smiling when they mention it.


  1. Aww....cute and sad at the same time. I totally get you. Neeya has been saying so many words and titles of people but she doesn't really mean the things she's saying (and I'm right there pointing to each thing/person). So its ok, don't stress yourself over it!

  2. It's still cute, though! All my kids made Mamamama and Dadadaa sounds as their first sort of words even without coaching. My son's first real word was Roomba, so that's how the pecking order worked in our house, I guess.

    (And one of the things I disliked at Babble was lack of trackback in the comments. I love being able to find hidden gems like your blog! Love it.)


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