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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Bruja Suegra

After getting a call from the midwife today that the blood test confirms pregnancy, I let another dear close friend know. She was very congratulatory, of course. We did some shopping for an upcoming party - and between lifting and walking and driving, I was having noticible cramping.

So when I got home I was sort of grumpy and just sat around. (THCSITU might ask here: "How is that different from any other night?")

And my Mother-In-Law sits nearby and tells me about this dream she had two nights ago, about me being pregnant and she thinks it should be a girl and by the way why do I not feel so good, am I pregnant?

Gah!!! What is with this woman? I already told THCSITU that we won't be able to keep it between us as long this time, because with my MIL in the house 2 days every week, she is going to notice something is up.

And, apparently, she is also a witch.


  1. So it is for sure?! I am so excited for you. We've not started trying yet (and I'm on what seems to be the last day, or one of the last days of my period). We are looking to move into a place by next week, so maybe after that I will join you ;) hahah. It will be just like the first time around?!

    1. I hope so! We can have a little clan of 4 kids to run around together while you and I have a coffee together on our (unfortunately very rare) visits!


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