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Wednesday, August 15, 2012


I want something salty! Like Ramen. Or Lays. Or seasoned croutons right out of a package. Pretzels aren't good enough, but maybe the vending machine has something else appealing.

UPDATE: Lays were so good! I had one bag before lunch and spent another dollar on a second near the end of the day. I was thinking I should get a stash for cheaper, but I'd consume so many more chips if they were just sitting in my office. I have to go 2 buildings and 2 flights of stairs and spend a dollar to eat them, so at least there's some disincentive.

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  1. Holy shit! Congrats :) I hadn't come to your blog in quite a while, and am so glad that I had the inclination to do so tonight. I'm very happy for all three(four) of you!


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