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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Muy argentina

"Leelo chanchitos!" she says, with Pigs in Hiding in her hand.

Papi takes the book from her, and she hits the armchair. "En el sishon!" (sillon)

Mi suegra has been in Mexico for a month, and we were on vacation there for two weeks before that. Asi que the babysitter has been coming 5 days a week - 5 afternoons of Argentine Spanish. Before we went to Mexico she did this really interesting instant accent switch whenever the babysitter walked in the door on Wednesday morning, and switched back overnight on Fridays. But without the alternating schedule, the Argentinian pronunciation is taking over.

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  1. How amazing! They pick up everything, from the words, to the accent, to the tone, and even the emotions things are said with!


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