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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Missing my little girl

Yesterday was a relatively large snowstorm so I left work early to pick up the Guajolotita #1 from school. Usually my MIL does that, but we didn't want her to be driving so far in that weather so I got to do it instead.

The kid looked at me when I walked in - she was one of the last kids left, the school was closing early because of the snow - and got shy. Then confused. "Vamos... a la escuela?" she asked me. I laughed and apologized for not being Abuela and told her she was already at school - now we were going to leave school.

We got to spend the afternoon together which was just great. Honestly THCSITU and I each get very little one-on-one time with her. Yesterday I found out that she needs to cuddle for like 30 min after school even if she's hungry. I didn't know that. It was so fun to just hold her. She wouldn't let me put her down, so I made her tea and got her snack ready with one hand, and her on my other hip. I didn't mind it - there are only a couple weeks left where we can have that kind of time together. I won't be able to carry her even when necessary very soon because my arms will be occupied with her "hermanito" (o hermanita, no sabemos).

The midwives also were closing early due to the snow so my appointment was moved up. The Guajolotita and I came late for the new earlier appt time (but fed and happy - not worth rushing and bringing a CRANKY toddler!) and were the only clients there. She was VERY excited to "escuchar al hermanito al corazon," as she put it.

Then we got back home and I let her play in the snow. I attempted to shovel the front walk (8 or 9 inches deep by then) but of course didn't do a very good job. The kid followed along behind me or attempted to walk through the snow but of course it was nearly up to her crotch so she ended up crawling around in it like a tiny bear or something. I noticed her eating the snow which made me laugh so much - her first taste of snow! I didn't say anything - it was clean and interesting and new and such a perfect thing for a kid to be doing. :)

We went inside and stripped down and read books on the potty till Papi came home. I made a SALAD - we haven't had salad in weeks - and she was in bed without any crisis at a reasonable time (for us - 8:45 or so).

Now it's Wednesday and I'm at work and I miss her SO much. I want to listen to her go on and on about things that I can't make any sense out of, and have her boss me around (Trae una silla! Sientate! Aqui!!). She's just so interesting and sweet and confusing and hilarious.

I just wanted to write all this down because it's probably the last time we will have such a fun leisurely time together just she and I for many many months.

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