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Friday, March 25, 2011

My body

It's not back, exactly. But some major milestones accomplished.
  • I tied my shoes from a standing position. I bent over at the waist, tied my shoes, and stood upright again. No leaning on anything, no sitting. It's the first time since... Christmas? Thanksgiving?
  • I washed my feet in the shower without being short of breath, nearly falling over, or just pretending that my feet didn't need to be scrubbed like the rest of me.
It's pretty liberating. I didn't mind being pregnant at all, and it was doubtless an easy pregnancy. Honestly until I started this post I haven't even thought about the lack of movements inside of me.

Newborns keep you busy. The only thing you accomplish is keeping them fed and changing diapers. Somehow there is no time for anything else.

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