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Monday, April 30, 2012

Baby no more

Finally have an official first word:

(She says all of those too, but not with regular context/meaning. Well, Ah-choo is FULL of meaning but not really a word.)

Though I LOVED having a tiny baby, I have noticed that this is physically easier. There are always a lot of things to accomplish, but just not so infinitely many loads of laundry, bottles to wash, minutes (hours) of nursing. Also kiddo can play on her own for ten minutes or more at a stretch. That's never when I desperately want her to so I can finish what I am trying to do, of course, but still a nice development.

On the other hand, the actual parenting is a lot more challenging. When to give in, when to hold firm, when is defiance a result of hunger/thirst/exhaustion and when is it plain old toddler contrariness? And we've only barely begun.

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  1. All the phases are so interesting. I miss my kids as tiny babies, too, but I wouldn't trade where they are at this point for anything. Just imagine, down the road (sooner than you think), are real conversations and getting to share meaningful things with that little person! It's amazing.


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