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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Sleep training, Night 3


I will have to write about it tomorrow, because I have no idea if she woke up since I put her down (with 40 min of hysteria) again at 11:17. I think maybe once - vague recollection - but I doubt there was more hysteria.

I'm unfortunately awake anyway (at 5:17 am), with one engorged boob. But that's ok!!

Baby girl has an incredibly runny nose right now, so I thought about giving up and just starting sleep training over in a week when she's healthy. But The Hottest Computer Scientist in the Universe said we should persevere.

And she's still asleep!!!

ADDENDUM: she woke up at 5:55. I went in right away and nursed her, she drank a lot then went back in her crib without a fuss. I put her down & she rolled over and slept. When she woke again at 7:30 or 8, I brought her to our bed for nursing&sleeping. It's 9am and they are both asleep. I gotta finish these Cinnamon Rolls for Easter brunch.

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  1. Oh lord, the nights with the engorged boob. I remember those. There are days I miss my kids being babies, but when I read vivid accounts like this where someone is still in the thick of it and I think, no, I'm good!

    (And how I've missed trackbacks in the comments threads since Babble switched to WordPress! So happy on my new blog to be able to find new blogs to read right there under my own posts.)


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