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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Missing being pregnant?

I first read about this on some forums. I thought that those women were surely insane. This pregnancy has been easy, and I think I am dealing with the body issues OK and our relationship is pretty good - but given my druthers I'd be 130 and look good in a bikini than be shaped like a beach ball.

Here's a slightly ridiculous list with possible rationale:
I skipped to the middle for the link because #11 is the only one I can relate to.

Some people are super earthy and in-tune with themselves and all that sort of thing. I'm not very much that way. But it occurred to me a few weeks ago that I am feeling this motion in my cavernous self constantly. When I sleep it's still happening (and doesn't yet wake me up, thank god). There are brief pauses but more or less the motions inside never stop.

I think I will feel... I don't know, boring? Or static? Or something. Well, I'll feel the lack of motions I guess and I am not sure how that will affect me.

I guess it's pretty common.

Reviewing that list (which I just read now as I searched for a relevant link), there are a couple other things that could make the transition hard:
  • The Hottest Computer Scientist is really sweet, understanding, and attentive. Moreso than usual. I keep telling him that I need the mollycoddling AFTER this baby is all the way here and I am halfway to insane on sleep deprivation.
  • People in stores and restaurants are really attentive and nice to me. I am not sure if it is my imagination, I usually get great service because I am polite and friendly to people and try to always smile at someone who is helping me. But we got a free dessert last week, a guy at Home Depot went across the store to bring me something, and the plumber working on our building teased me that "they got you working too!" when I brought in a 2x4 myself.
My dad pointed out today that once the wiggly baby is on the outside, screaming, I will have fewer friends in public places. I am sure he is right.

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