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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

More language

The Guajolotita #1 is adding new words and phrases about every 10 minutes. It's totally crazy. When something falls - like her bochito falling onto her face as she drives it up the bathroom walls during her bath - OR she deliberately dumps something out, like THCSITU's soda that he left on a side table last night - she throws her hands out and exclaims, "Se cayó!"

Tonight after THCSITU got home, he saw her playing by herself with a ping-pong ball. After a while, she disappeared behind her play kitchen, then came running towards him. "Se fue! Se fue!" she told him.

So he went hunting for it, and she'd dropped it between her play kitchen and the wall. So he got it out for her... and she promptly threw it into the bin with her stuffed animals. "Se fue! Se fue!" she told him again. I think he told her to go get it herself, so she did, and she played like that for some time, "losing" it and then retrieving it herself.

Other favorite phrases, though not new ones, are "Donde esta?" "Busca tus zapatos para salir" (look for your shoes to go outside) and she'll wander around, hands upturned, repeating "Donde esta?" until she finds them. "Ahi esta!" once she locates something or also when she comes out of "hiding" during hide and go seek.

The other adorable thing is the counting. She's had this one in hand for a while now, but it's evolving. Now, she counts like this:

  • 1 uno
  • 2 dos
  • 4 quatro (cat-o)
  • 5 cinco
  • 7 siete
And she does it again, and again. She'll count to "siete" 4 times going down our six front steps. Or she'll turn the pages of this wonderful book a friend gifted her, and "read" it to herself, counting to "siete" again and again.

And then, going along with the other post from this evening, there's singing the alphabet. We sing it to her (per her constant demand) in English (ABC!) and in Spanish (el abecedario), though tellingly when we sing it in Spanish she *usually* interrupts demanding "abc, abc!" (Because, in her opinion, we are doing it wrong, I think.) She does a great job of singing along. Below are the letters in red that she supplies as we sing:
Now I know my ABCs, next time won't you sing with me.
Sometimes she sings them in the pause and I can continue the song with her filling in her "part", but othertimes she doesn't provide them unless I keep going, and she sings along with.

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