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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Telling everybody

As I mentioned, we did end up printing announcement cards this time too. And I ordered this shirt for the kiddo:

The announcement cards came Saturday, so I stamped and addressed them. Since the tshirt shipped the same day, I mailed the cards Monday morning, figuring I'd get the tshirt later that day & we could tell both my suegra and my dad that night.

However, the dang shirt didn't arrive until Wednesday! I was so nervous that the nearest snail-mail receipients of the cards, my grandparents, would call my dad and tell him before we had.

So we got home Wednesday night and both kids, the Guajolotita #1 and her 3-yr-old cousin, were running around like lunatics. So we went outside in the dark to play with flashlights, which they loved. I called my dad and asked him to come over because the kids were being nuts (just an excuse, in this case). Then I popped the shirt on the kiddo.

When he got there, I handed the announcement card to the Guajolotita #1 and told her to bring it to Grandpa:

Which she did, and he recognized it right away. Then I told him to check out her shirt, and apologized for not telling him sooner... that dang shirt took forever to arrive!

Next up, is telling my suegra. We were supposed to meet at lunch time today, so I'm armed with a picture of the kid in the shirt, plus one of the announcement cards. The back has this text:
"The invasion continues... Alien #2 expected to land in early April, 2013."
Then a picture of Guajolotita #1 holding the ultrasound picture, with the caption:
"First Wave approval still pending."
Anyhow, she can't make it so I'll text her the picture of the kid, then email the link to this video. I got a heartbeat check this morning at the midwife since the midwife-in-training couldn't find the heartbeat last week. Before my suegra starts telling every animate and inanimate object she encounters, I wanted to be sure there really was still something to say. Sounds good to me:

I just have to get her to keep her trap shut so we can call THCSITU's family in Mexico and tell them ourselves. They're getting the cards in the mail but probably they'd prefer the call anyhow.

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  1. i love the ideas of how to tell people about baby #2. we'll see, i might steal it when time comes ;)


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